Indian names and their meanings

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  • Name: Abha f, meaning: Lustre, shine.
  • Name: Abhay m, meaning: Fearless.
  • Name: Abhaya f, meaning: Fearless.
  • Name: Abhijat m, meaning: Noble, wise.
  • Name: Abhijit m, meaning: One who is victorious.
  • Name: Abhilasha f, meaning: Desire.
  • Name: Abhinav m, meaning: Quite new.
  • Name: Abhishek m, meaning: Shower of milk/water over an idol.
  • Name: Achala f, meaning: Steady, mountain.
  • Name: Achintya m, meaning: Beyond comprehension.
  • Name: Achyuta m, meaning: Indestructible.
  • Name: Aditi f, meaning: Mother of gods.
  • Name: Aditya m, meaning: Sun.
  • Name: Aghanashini f, meaning: Destroyer of sins.
  • Name: Ahladita f, meaning: In happy mood.
  • Name: Ajala f, meaning: The earth.
  • Name: Ajatashatru m, meaning: Without enemies.
  • Name: Ajay m, meaning: Unconquerable, invincible.
  • Name: Ajit m, meaning: Unconquerable.
  • Name: Ajitabh m, meaning: One who has conquered the sky.