Indian names and their meanings - Starting with r

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  • Name: Rachna f, meaning: Construction, arrangement.
  • Name: Radha f, meaning: Krishna's lover, prosperity.
  • Name: Radhika f, meaning: Radha, lover of Krishna.
  • Name: Raj m, meaning: King.
  • Name: Rajan m, meaning: King.
  • Name: Rajani m, meaning: Night.
  • Name: Rajanigandha f, meaning: Night blossoming scented flower.
  • Name: Rajanikant m, meaning: Sun, lord of night.
  • Name: Rajata f, meaning: Silver.
  • Name: Rajeev m, meaning: Blue lotus.
  • Name: Rajesh m, meaning: God of kings.
  • Name: Rajiv m, meaning: Lotus flower.
  • Name: Rajkumar m, meaning: Prince.
  • Name: Rakesh m, meaning: Lord of the night, sun.
  • Name: Rakhi f, meaning: Thread of brother-sister bonding.
  • Name: Ram m, meaning: Lord Rama, pleasing, charming.
  • Name: Rama f, meaning: Lakshmi.
  • Name: Raman m, meaning: Beloved, pleasing.
  • Name: Ramani f, meaning: Beautiful girl.
  • Name: Ramanuja m, meaning: Born after Rama i.e. Lakshman.